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Fat and oil are the leading causes of cardiovascular diseases, obesity and some nutritional dysfunction. If you had to quit your favourite fries due to this fact; I have a good news for you. The Air frying technology, which can also be called Hot air frying is a method that allows you to fry food with up to 75-80% less fat. So, It is time to start eating those precious fries you neglected as you can now stay healthy without worries of excessive fat and oil consumption. If you have concerns of obesity, the Air fryer uses little amount of oil which reduces the addition of larger amounts of calories to the food by the oil as seen in the traditional deep frying method. It does not affect the food taste and makes it more healthier.

Air frying is a technology that cooks food by hot air. The hot air circulates around the food by a fan at a high speed , ensuring the food is well cooked inside and gives it a crispy outer layer. This technology mimics the flow of heat in the pot in the traditional boiling oil method. The food is dipped into oil at the start as the air fryer does not have a special section for oil. The food is dressed in oil which can also be sprayed. This method saves the cost and consumption of oil thereby reducing the health risks related to oil consumption especially heart conditions and obesity.

It is suitable for frying potato chips, fish, vegetables and even cooking pastries. The taste of the a food air fried is not different from the food friend with the traditional deep frying method, and some users of the air frying method testify to the fact that it tastes even better as the air frying prevents the food from being too greasy. It gives the food the same deep fried taste and texture. It works well on vegetables too.  It reduces the heavy oil smell that comes with deep frying and it makes clean up very easy.

Air frying also makes it possible to use different oils e.g natural oils like walnut oil, rapeseed oil, avocado oil e.t.c. The air fryer come in different sizes, choose a size dependent on how often you fry and the quantity of your food e.g you may need a bigger size to make a whole chicken. Some air fryer come in two layers which makes it possible to make two dishes at a time. Consider the available counter top space to place the fryer while cooking and shelf space after cooking to determine the size to buy.

The standard air fryer comes in 800-1400 watts, ensure your kitchen outlet has the capacity to support the fryer. TThe temperature is adjustable dependent on the type of food. It usually comes with a timer which makes the cooking process easier, it prevents the food from getting burnt, thereby prevents wastage.

Its cooking time varies dependent on the type of food being cooked and temperature at which it is being cooked. It however, saves time unlike the traditional frying method that requires the oil to be heated up first. The air fryer does not require this process. It heats up rapidly. The air fryer can also perform other functions e.g it can bake, grill, roast. these function however, have to be purchases as an additional accessory that does not come with the standard air fryer. The air fryer comes in four parts that can be easily dismembered :

  • The pan
  • The shell
  • The rack
  • The mesh basket.

These separate parts makes it easy to clean and it is dishwasher friendly. There are different manufacturers of the Air fryer and their prices differ. Its price ranges from $200 to cheaper versions for as low as $53.


  • The first advantage is the health benefit, its role in the reduction of the incidence of heart conditions and ways of reducing the addition of more calories to the food thereby preventing obesity. It makes the food highly nutritious and no longer necessary to avoid fried food like a plague.
  • It is easy to use. Different manufacturers have the same basic operation since it functions with the same technology. Its design may vary but it function does not.

  • It does not change the taste of the food, it gives the food the same and sometimes even better deep fried and crunchy back taste. It cooks it well inside and works perfectly for a wide range of food.

  • It makes cooking interesting, it eliminates the stress and burden of extra work associated with deep frying e.g heating up the oil, tedious clean up after cooking. he air fryer is easy to operate, it can reach a temperature of 360 degrees.
  • Its timer helps to prevent the food from getting burnt. The work is greatly simplifies which makes frying an easy task that can be dome anytime without the fear of extra work.

  • It is cost effective. It reduces the extra cost of cooking with fat and oil. It cooks fast, this saves the use of cooking gas and electricity.

  • It is safe to use. It reduces the danger of burns caused by hot oil. It eliminates the worry of oil splatter and grease fires. This function makes it an asset as any product that improves the health is always worth it. It reduces the risk of burn and kitchen accidents caused by hot oil.